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Welcome to RWOEI

Encouraging women to send their children to school and consequently support them while at school

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Empowering the Widows

Encouraging and improving the Vocational skills of the Widows as a way of curbing unemployment amongst them

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Human Rights Sensitization

Human rights activities like fighting gender based violence

Who we are

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering marginalized categories of people in the rural community in western Uganda in the District of Kasese putting more emphasis on the widows and orphans. Currently, we empower through functional adult education for the women, skills development through sewing, weaving, school fees motivation for orphans under school-going age, and extension of both mental and emotional support and other non-materials. Here our major focus is to provide an Orphan with skills up to a post-secondary level where they can become self-supporting adults. We feel these orphans will be change-makers that the world so desperately needs them

  • Our Mission

    The mission of the organization is to improve the livelihood of both women with an emphasis on the widows and the orphans in terms of moral, physical and economic development through the proper flow of information, income-generating activities improving maternal health, modern methods of farming, elimination of gender-based violence and skills development.

  • Our Valuse

    To enable women acknowledge their rights in both families and the community at large

    To enhance the knowledge and capacity of the women and orphans to address development experience and sharing of ideas

    To establish linkages with both local and international funding agencies interested in the promotion of activities that economically empower the marginalized groups especially the widows and orphans as a way of emancipating them

Help in contributing to the common cause

This will be used to improve the Livelihood of the people of Kasese


Our exclusive Programs

These are the programs that we under take to achieve our objectives

Pen Pal Program

We come in to bring hope through your support. This is to help the orphan have a personal relationship with someone of good will to whom this child can refer to as a family member

Skilling the Widows

We train the woman skills that can enable her to be self dependant. for example Tailoring and Fashion

Orphan Education

We give support to the Orphans in terms of scholorstic materials like books and pens

Human Rights Sensitization

We keep Sensitizing the women and the Orphans about the ways of living peacefully in homes, we also help then obtain justice incase they are mistrated